Medford Oregon Real Estate Experts Take On Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling your bathroom brings a good return on your investment according to Ashland Real Estate gurus at

Bathroom remodeling is seen as one of the top projects where homeowners who opt for Medford Remodeling realize a good return on their investment.

Besides, getting your remodeling expenses back is essential when the time comes to sell your home. You might as well enjoy a design-forward bathroom that was done for you by reputed building contractors in Medford.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to Bear in Mind

Mainly, you want to select finishes that are easy to keep clean and save you money as they require low maintenance. On the other, you want a stylish look through using high-quality materials that will extend the life of your bathroom. Consider the following design ideas:

  1. Counters made from quartz rather than marble
  2. Top quality faucets made to last a lifetime
  3. Glass shower doors that are treated with anti-spotting agents

Another huge selling point is an energy efficient home which is favored by home buyers who value energy savings due to rising utility bills and water shortages. From an environmental viewpoint, you score bonus points when you remodel your bathroom by letting building contractors install:

  • Low-flow faucets and toilets
  • Tankless water heaters
  • User-friendly floor heating
  • Windows that are insulated
  • LED lighting rather than the traditional ones

Any homeowners would welcome bright, open spaces. A more gleaming bathroom also looks larger. Besides, who wouldn’t want to showcase the latest gadgets and upgrades within their wet room?

There are three ways to make a bathroom appear brighter:

  1. By adding skylights and more windows
  2. Using lighting for various purposes throughout your bathroom
  3. Choosing surfaces and finishes that are reflective

When you are contemplating remodeling your bathroom, be sure to ask your contractor about the possibility of incorporating some of the features mentioned. The chances are that Medford Realtors in Medford will present you with some practical bathroom remodeling ideas.

LED Lighting Design Ideas for Your Bathroom

LED lighting that is high-tech as it’s seen as super energy efficient. The US Department of Energy reported that LED lights use up to 75 percent less energy and last 25 times longer than traditional lighting.

What are more LED lights add a beautiful design element and can be set to change colors? Furthermore, it is very safe to use near water which makes it easy to install in any bathroom. Some of the best ways to utilize LED lights include:

  • Adding color to water within a sink or tub
  • To create a color wash like effect on your bathroom walls
  • Backlight wall mirrors
  • To illuminate shelves and counters

Decorating Your Bathroom Walls Using Metallic Coating

Have you noticed the latest bathroom design trends in Europe? It involves the use of metallic wall tiles to ensure your bathroom sports a fashion-forward look while creating the illusion of much more space due to its reflective and eye-catching qualities.

Another way to create a modernized metallic feel to your bathroom is by painting the walls using a metallic coating.

Bold Flooring for Your Bathroom

The general trend is to make use of white or neutral colors in the bathroom, so it is easier to showcase various elements such as a freestanding tub or gorgeous metallic tiles. However, a bathroom can do with a dose of the pattern for which bold flooring is the best.

Ergonomic, Sexy Design for Modern Bathrooms

Often, people would request a more modern design that is similar in looks to the sleek and curvy design presented by advanced technology such as computers and other electronics. Construction companies unanimously agree that boxy angle design plans should be discarded for beautiful curvy shapes. There is no need to add curves to the entire bathroom area, though. It is a case of just selecting two or three elements to create an ergonomic feel.

You could play around by adding a functional curve to only one bathroom wall, choose fixtures and faucets that are more refined and rounded, then hang some wall decor to highlight the various curves and circles.

Would you believe that one of the top design elements in bathrooms nowadays is a freestanding tub? If you have enough space available, select a tub that features lovely curves.

Let Construction agencies that are recommended by real estate experts in Medford assist you with innovative remodeling ideas for your bathroom.