How Portland Search Engine Optimization Professionals Assist in Restoring Your Good Name with Google

Every marketer and their best friend have a story to tell when you talk about getting penalised by Google. Most of the time, businesses do not even realize that Google has slapped their site. In most cases, it is the thousands of smaller Google updates that got applied manually that affects them.

As we all depend on search engines for organic traffic, it is crucial that we keep up to date with the latest search engine optimization developments. It makes sense to stay ahead of the game and maintain a competitive advantage at all times.

In the unfortunate event that you have already been penalized, then you’ll need help from reputable Portland SEO experts to restore your good reputation with prominent search engines like Bing, Yahoo and Google. How do they manage it? Find them at 330 SW Yamhill St #200, Portland, OR 97204, USA, 1 800-955-9373

Staying Abreast of Algorithm Updates

Who of you remember the first major Google update when Panda was born in the year 2011? It sure proved to be a massive pain you know where for most. The primary aim was to crack down on webmasters who produced substandard content, poor design and way too many ads. This update was rolled out in stages and is still continuing to this day.

From here on, Venice made its debut in 2012, and then Penguin followed later the same year to clean out spammy sites that utilized cloaking, keyword stuffing, and black hat link building. Pirate was released in 2012 as well to target website owners who had copied content.

The latest of these would be Mobilegeddon where preference is given to websites that are responsive.

What we need to remember is that these updates are not just done once, but gets repeated as a way to stay abreast of black hat techniques. In addition, it ensures that searchers are happy with their search results at all times.

Where are we going with this? Well, going with a seasoned SEO Portland Agency like Moving Mountains Advisors will ensure that your site do not fall victim to algorithm changes. In essence, they will ensure that your website:

  • Do not have too many adverts
  • Content is not stuffed with keywords
  • Provides value with good quality content
  • Gets localised when needed
  • Do not entertain spammy link building methods
  • Has as proper security certificate
  • Do not copy information from other sites
  • Is fully responsive and mobile friendly

Dealing with Ranking Issues

Is your ranking not up to scratch, and the timely intervention of a reputed SEO firm Washington would be just what is needed to move up in the search engine results. You may not even be aware that you are sitting with a ranking problem. Expert SEO companies know which algorithm is causing what problem and will be able to tell the difference so they can use the right diagnosis to establish what went wrong. Some of you may remember what happened last year in October when marketers thought they were dealing with Penguin when, in fact, it was an extension of the famous Panda update.

What Tools Do Expert SEO Agencies Use to Sort Out Ranking Issues?

To diagnose what happened with your website, you need to use proper tools, which is something a professional SEO consultant manages to carry out successfully, having an arsenal of state-of-the-art tools at their disposal.

Using a Site Penalty Indicator is a fast and efficient method of discovering which one of the major penalties imposed by Google hit your site. The tool on its own will not flush out all the little penalties that will impact your page rank.

Another tool used by search engine marketing specialists like Moving Mountains Advisors will ensure a complete audit gets carried out. What it does is to analyse your page content, check if the backlinks are in order and whether or not your position in the SERPs have changed in any way.

Look, the last thing any website owner wants is to find themselves in a situation where there is a desperate need to recover. Avoiding these kinds of penalties is always the best for your business. Going with trustworthy SEO agencies is in your best interest as you are less likely to break Google’s SEO rules.

Often it is due to a lack of knowledge, using black-hat SEO or purposely violating certain search engine optimization principles. Why put yourself through any of this when expert search engine marketers such as Moving Mountains Advisors can help you to remain in Google’s good books. Request a demonstration today by contacting them on (844) 858 2884.